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Automatic filling-and-packaging machine SBI-150 f

Фасовочно-упаковочное оборудование: Автомат фасовочно-упаковочный SBI-150 f


Automatic dosing and packaging of liquid and pastelike food products (milk, sour cream, kefir, juice, still drinks, dough, cottage cheese, sauces and ketchups) and all kinds of non-food products of similar texture into three-seam polyethylene bags.

Additional options:

  • Thermo-dater – enables to emboss the date on the longitudinal seam of bag 
  • Bactericidal lamp – bacterial treatment of packaging film
  • Automatic adjustment to the required dosage of product
  • Checking and adjustment during dosage procedure
  • Automatic centering of film
  • Photo-mark sensor
  • Printer
  • Replaceable dosing unit (depending on product type)

Advanced features:

  • Complies with advanced international standards
  • Designed specifically for dairy industry plants
  • Filling of the product takes place in closed, cleansed, ionized medium
  • Dosing unit and the whole dosing route is equipped with automatic cleaning system in direct and reverse direction
  • Intelligent control and fault-detection system
  • Bag is soldered by constant heated iron
  • In the machine construction are used component parts, manufactured by world leading produces (FESTO, OMRON etc.)
  • Stainless steel construction
Technical data
Capacity up to 2 500 packs/hour
Bag size, mm 50 ... 260 х 150 (L х W)
Supply voltage, V 220
Installed power, kW, max до 3,5
Dimensional sizes, mm, max 2 500 х1 800 х 2 500
Weight, kg, max 600