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Automatic packaging machine RT-UM-23

Фасовочно-упаковочное оборудование: Автомат упаковочный РТ-УМ-23

automatic packaging of free-running, granular and small-piece food products (grains, dry fruits, pasta, candies, cakes, ravioli, tea etc.) and non-food products of similar texture in three-seam bags formed of roll-fed thermo-sealing materials. 


  • Film feeding unit with belt brake.
  • Modular forming device consisting of cylindrical pipe, collar with mounting plates and attachment with 2 nibs.
  • Horizontal seam sealing unit with constant heated jaws with one thermo-dater for 6 symbols. Thermo-dater in horizontal seam (one line, six symbols).
  • Bag cutting device with drive unit with two pneumocylinders.
  • Unit for vertical seam sealing with bag perforation.
  • Shute for product output with adjusted overhang, height and tilt angle.
  • Electric cabinet with sensor control panel, 7”.
  • Two detectors of film ending for cases when film is stuck together with bushing or not.


  • Photosensor «Omron» for operation on printed photo-mark
  • Flat-bottom bag forming device
  • Briquettes forming device
  • Replaceable forming devices
  • External devices for application of information on a package (thermoprinters, applicator)
  • Device for placing advertising tape on a bag
  • Inert gas injection system
  • Euroslot device
  • Dust extraction system
  • Unit for air-cooling of horizontal seam of bag
  • Foam air-press devices
  • Compensator of bags length (when thermo-printer is installed)
  • Dust-proofing of mechanical elements

Special features of automatic machine RT-UM-23:

  • Modular construction allows easily readjust the machine for different types of bag by adding more options.
  • Self-adjusting belts for drawing packaging material provide equal pressing to packaging material,increasing preciseness of bags length and reducing belts wearing.
  • Ergonomical adjustment of units helps to minimize downtime during equipment readjustment.
  • We reduced to minimum the number of wearable component parts
  • Modular forming device is fast replaceable and does not require additional adjustments if form of package was changed.
  • All parts that come in to contact with product is made of stainless steel.

Technical data:

Data item


Kinematical capacity, packs/min, up to


Bag size, mm:

length (per 1 cycle)




Rated values of alternate electrical current consumption:

- supply voltage, V

- current frequency, Hz




Installed power, kW, max


Air consumption, l/min, max


Air pressure (in pneumatic system), MPa


Dimensional sizes (L х W х H), mm, max


Weight, kg, max


Packaging material:

- type

- thickness, micron

Thermo-sealing films


Heating elements type

with constant heating

Sizes of films bobbin, mm, max:

- width

- outer diameter

- inside diameter of bushing





*- Production capacity depends on product characteristics, packaging material, type of dosing unit, dosage amount.