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Bulk flour storage systems and transportation

Planning and organizing bakery or confectionary production, mini-bakery or production unit at hypermarket requires solutions for bulk flour storage and handling. For these purposes Russkaya Trapeza manufactures and delivers the following equipment:

  • Silos
    • Fiberglass silo
    • Carbon steel silo
    • Fabric silo
    • Silo discharge solutions
  • Processing bin
  • Feeding bin
  • Containers for liquid materials
  • Bag discharger
    • Big-bags discharger
    • Hand-operated bag discharger
  • Conveying systems
    • Spiral conveyor
    • Pneumatic conveying
    • Vacuum conveyor
    • Augers with shaft
  • Dosing granular materials
  • Dosing liquid materials
  • Sieving granular materials
  • Mixing granular materials
  • Automation of technological process. Operating system