The company “Russkaya Trapeza” (Russian Meal) produces and supplies: equipment for bulk storage and transportation of raw materials, processing equipment for the food industry and filling and packing equipment.

Equipment of the Holding is installed at the facilities manufacturing the following products:

  • bakery and confectionery products;
  • grocery products, snacks, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, etc.;
  • dairy products;
  • fish and meat semi-finished products;
  • non-food products (chemical and pharmaceutical products, construction mixtures).


Filling and Packing Equipment

For more than twenty years, “Russkaya Trapeza” (Russian Meal) has been launching filling and packing equipment on the market with different technical characteristics and performance. The company’s range includes:

  • vertical packaging machines for packing powdered, bulk and small piece products;
  • horizontal packaging machines for packing piece and small piece products in a flow-pack;
  • equipment for slicing and packing bread and bakery products;
  • cartoning equipment;
  • transportation systems for carrying the product to the filling area and carrying out the product already packaged;
  • dispensers: volumetric, screw and measuring.


Equipment for Bulk Storage and Transportation of Raw Materials

Bulk storage and transportation of bulk products are one of the priority areas of “Russkaya Trapeza” (Russian Meal) Holding’s work. A team of experienced designers, master craftsmen and experienced operators works on the development of new products and modernization of the released models.

Bulk storage and transportation systems are developed for the specific needs of each customer, taking into account all the technical characteristics of the project.

Flour bulk storage systems include equipment charged with:

  • storage (silo, bunker);
  • transportation (screw, vacuum and pneumatic transportation systems);
  • measurement and control (product level sensors, roof failure systems);
  • system management (automated software).


Processing Equipment for Food Industry

“Russkaya Trapeza” (Russian Meal) Holding offers all-in-one solutions for equipping food productions, as well as separate equipment designed for a specific type of work. The company’s range includes a broad variety of modern, reliable, automated equipment.

The range of processing equipment includes:

  • All-in-one solutions: production lines of crackers, oat, sugar, biscuit cookies, eclairs, gingerbread, puff pastries, waffles, etc.
  • Flour bulk storage and transportation systems (silos, debaggers, conveyors).
  • Stations and installations for dispensing flour, milk, water and other bulk and liquid ingredients.
  • Flour sifter machines and dough mixers.
  • Mixers, creamers, dough dividers and dough rounding machines, dough sheeting machines and other types of bakery equipment.
  • Rotary, convection, hearth ovens.
  • Bread and biscuit cutters, clippers, icing machines, as well as washing equipment.
  • Packing equipment for confectionery products and bread.
  • Bakery peripherals.