About Company

Russkaya Trapeza has been successfully working on the market of packaging equipment since 1994. During this time the company has achieved leading positions in this sector and is reputed as a reliable and competent partner.

The company owns the largest equipment production plant in Russia and Eastern Europe, providing employment for more than 500 people. Russkaya Trapeza has the most advanced equipment of European production for flexographic printing on film. The chain of service centers operates all over Russia, CIS countries and the Baltic states. It enables Russkaya Trapeza to be a leader of the packaging industry in Russia, comprehensively performing tasks for our customers .

One out of every four automatic filling-and-packaging machines produced in Russia are manufactured in Russkaya Trapeza. The quantity of produced equipment enables us to reduce costs of component parts and total production costs. This being one of the reasons why our customers are able to get equipment of European standards for Russian prices.

Business activity of the Company is realized in four key areas:

  • Equipment for filling-and-packaging
  • Equipment for bulk storage and transportation of powder and granulated products
  • Technological equipment for the food processing industry
  • Flexographic printing on film.

High reliability, convenient operation and maintenance are the hallmarks of our equipment. All machines are certified and approved for usage. High quality of the produced equipment is recognized by diplomas, medals of international and national exhibitions. Reliability of our equipment is guaranteed by Quality Control System existing in the company.


The Company Russkaya Trapeza has developed and improvised quality control system which enables effective management of production processes, realizing system approach. Quality control system used in Russkaya Trapeza is in compliance with international and national standards verified by Certificates ISO 9001:2008.

The priority of our company is to provide the customer with reliable equipment which is trouble-free in operation and maintenance. To achieve this goal, we developed and effectively using and now strictly follow the Quality Control System.
This system is effective at all stages: beginning from formulation of technical assignment when concluding a contract to commissioning of the equipment and its aftersales service and support. One of the most important aspects of this system is supervision of manufacturing of the equipment, control of materials, and quality of spare parts.

The whole process of equipment design and production is performed at our manufacturing plant in Saint-Petersburg. This enables us to provide control over the quality of machines produced. Specialists of our Company, provide the required training of personnel to a customer during commissioning.

Service maintenance and regular monitoring of the equipment in operation, enables us to respond promptly to customer feedbacks and requirements and update equipment,  in order to improve means of feeding raw materials, integrate new methods of dosing of complex products and increase productivity and reliability.

Russkaya Trapeza service centers the largest chain of service providers in Russia provides services to customers during the life-cycle of equipment supplied. Our specialists perform commissioning and mounting works, providing start-up operation of the equipment, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance, which includes consultations, diagnostics and troubleshooting and prompt replacement of defective spare parts.

Our equipment is optimized for continuous operation (24/7). Therefore in case of failures, defects or malfunction the problem has to be solved in a matter of hours. For that purpose a system of express delivery of spare parts to any place in Russia and the CIS is implemented and functions effectively in our company.

Our system of spare parts replacement gives our maintenance service competitive advantage. In case of some trouble in equipment operation, being a customer of any other European company you have to send a defective part to the manufacturer for expertise. After that new spare part will be sent to you either under the warranty or invoice will be issued. During the time spent to find out the cause of the failure the machine will be out of operation. We are constantly working on the task to reduce downtime time to the minimum. That is why we send the required spare part and only then deal with the other formalities. Effective functioning of this system, which we call “express replacement”, is possible only upon condition of flawless and systematic operation of maintenance and technical services.

We created a system of comprehensive task solution, including the latest developments in the sphere of technical marketing, service maintenance; we effectively deal with all current technical issues no matter how challenging.


Russkaya Trapeza uses cutting-edge strategies – comprehensive approach to customer packaging businesses. Our company offers a complex of services to a customer: from equipment to wear parts. This approach proves itself, as it avoids the various problems as matching products of different manufacturers, searching for materials, printing images on them and so on. Russkaya Trapeza was the first company in Russia to offer its customers Complex Solution of Packaging process.

Our engineers and technical specialists are highly qualified and experienced in designing and production of packaging machines. And provide information required for development of optimal packaging solutions for our customers. We invest and finance a considerable amount of our revenue into developing new technologies and strategies that provides us with strong competitive edge for the future.

For new development the main criteria of quality are: product protection, required storage period, esthetic visual appearance of packed product and packaging cost.


Given our history of work in the market we have developed a chain of regional offices and dealerships across the country, from north to south and from east to west. Apparently, this is one of the most important factors for the successful promotion of manufactured equipment on the market.

Currently, our company provides service to customers in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow directly as well as through our regional partners in 20 cities of Russia, and near-abroad countries. It enables us to respond to our customers needs promptly and flexibly.