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Packaging Machine SBi 260-Servo

Фасовочно-упаковочное оборудование: упаковочная машина Sbi 260-Servo

  • Film feeding unit with motorized bobbin unreel.
  • Modular forming device consisting of cylindrical pipe, collar with mounting plates and attachment with 2 nibs.
  • Horizontal seam sealing unit with constant heated jaws, with one thermo-dater for 6 symbols. Thermo-dater in horizontal seam (one line, six symbols).
  • Servo drive for convergence of horizontal jaws.
  • Bag cutting unit with drive unit with two pneumocylinders.
  • Unit for vertical seam sealing with bag perforation.
  • Shute for product output with adjusted overhang, height and tilt angle.
  • Electric cabinet with sensor control panel.
  • Photosensor «Omron» for operation on printed photo-mark. 
  • Two detectors of film ending for cases when film is stuck together with bushing or not.

Advanced features

  • Increased capacity due to high dynamics of mechanisms positioning and high accuracy of positioning.
  • Fast adjustment for different size and type of bag – virtual cam profile is realized in operation system.
  • Broach belts are equipped with suction clamp device and driven by servomotor of CMZ production (Italy) that prevents sliding of broach belts, increases accuracy of broaching and reduces process of belts wearing.
  • Does not require high-powered compressor.
  • We use servo-drives, control system and software produced by CMZ which are used by most of the European manufacturers of packaging equipment.


  • Unit for sealing 4 sides of bag.
  • Flat-bottom bag forming device.
  • Unit for punching of three holes for fingers.
  • Briquettes forming device.
  • Automatic centering of packaging film.
  • Replaceable forming devices.
  • External  devices for application of information on a package (thermoprinters, applicator).
  • Device for placing advertising tape on a bag.
  • Inert gas injection system.
  • Euroslot device.
  • Dust extraction system.
  • Table for sticking packaging film when replacing bobbin. Excludes operation of leading-in packaging film to a collar during installation of a new bobbin.
  • Unit for air-cooling of horizontal seam of bag.
  • Foam air-press devices.
  • Compensator of bag’s length (when thermo-printer is installed).
  • Dust-proofing of mechanical elements.
  • Advanced software capabilities enables to install as optional equipment briquette-maker, gas-analyzer, clipper etc. 
Kinematical capacity, packs/min, max 140

Capacity with the product (depending on dose and product type),

packs/min *

According to doser type

Bag size, mm:

- length (per 1 cycle)

- width




Packaging material

- thickness, micron

Thermo-sealing films


Heating elements type with constant heating

Sizes of film’s bobbin, mm, max:

- width

- outer diameter

- bushing inside diameter





Rated values of alternate electrical current consumption:

- supply voltage, V

- current frequency, Hz




Installed power, kW, max 3,5
Air consumption, l/min, max 200
Air pressure (in pneumatic system), MPa 0,6
Dimensional sizes (L х W х H), mm, max 2300х1300х1600
Weight, kg, max 600